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  • Travelling in Latin America for the first  time and speaking only a few words of spanish, it took a few days to get used to a different rhythm of life. But thanks to the teachers and the whole staff at ISE, I was able to adapt fairly quickly.  The teachers patience and their motivating lessons made me improve step by step. The staff has always been welcomming and so helpful. Wheather it was about bying rainboots for the jungle or trying to find an appropriate hairdresser! I did spend three weeks in the Institute in Quito and I realy enjoyed my stay in the historical centre of town where the school is located. But I can also recommend a visit to the smal town of Otavalo where I stayed for one week of classes. It is a lovely and very chilled place. There is lots to discover around Otavalo and it was a welcomming change to the lively and noisy capital. The teachers were competent, lovely amd extremely patient with me. I can only recommend a visit to the Instituto Superior de Espanol in Quito and in Otavalo.
    Isabel Kohler
    June. 2016
  • Die zwei Wochen im Instituto Superoir de Espanol haben mir wirklich viel gebracht! Vor allem die Faehigkeit, zu sprechen und mich auszudruecken, hat sich immens verbessert. Vom der Volkshochschultheorie zur Konversation war kein einfacher Weg, aber die Lehrerinnen sind alle wahnsinnig nett und helfen gern. Keine Frage ist peinlich und zur Not wird alles noch einmal erklärt. Die gemeinsame Pause mit allen Schülern ist sehr unterhaltsam, vor allem kann man sich über Reisemoeglichkeiten austauschen, gemeinsame Aktivitäten planen und die Umgebung erkunden. Die Ausflüge, die von der Schule aus angeboten werden, sind vielfältig, interessant und preisgünstig.
    Juliane Moldrzyk
    Sept. 2016
  • I spent two weeks at El Instituto Superior de Español, which is conveniently located in the centre of Quito. I had had Spanish lessons prior to coming to Quito, but received lessons that fit my level well. I had private classes, which were both intense, as well as effective. The school offers a variety of activities in Quito, which is a great option when traveling alone. The school helps you with anything; buses, airport transportation - they even helped me when I had trouble navigating the city alone on my first day. Staying with a local family was a great experience, they were very welcoming and included me in their everyday life. It is an amazing way to experience Ecuador while practicing your Spanish.
    Sara Kolding
    Nov. 2016
  • Ich war 2 Wochen im Instituto superior de español. Für mich war es hier super.  Ich habe das aller erste mal mit der spanischen Sprache Bekanntschaft gemacht und es funktioniert ;) die Lehrer gehen an der Schule individuell auf jeden einzelnen ein und somit holen Sie für jeden das beste raus. Die Klassen sind auch sehr klein. Ich hatte noch eine Klassenpartnerin. Somit konnten wir individuell an den Kenntnissen arbeiten und sie stark verbessern. Im großen und ganzen ist die Schule sehr zu empfehlen.
    Daniel Marsch
    May. 2016
  • It was realy good to learn spanish there and you can do a lot of activities. Everybody is very friendly and the help you with everyting you need. Also to stay with a family was a good option. The make you feel like home. Thank you for the great time
    Gabriela Feiersinger
    Sept. 2016

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Spanish school Ecuador

The Instituto Superior de Español, founded in 1988, is a Spanish school in Ecuador designed especially for the needs of foreign students. We offer a great variety of programs that you may join at our school.

Our family-run school has been recognized by former students and competitors as a leading Spanish school in Ecuador. We take great pride in our teachers: they are university-educated, with many years of experience. Our programs are affordable, flexible and allow you to easily combine locations throughout Ecuador. We offer Spanish classes on the Galapagos Islands, in Otavalo and Quito and run a unique travelling classroom programm.

“I had a great time at the school and learnt a lot – more than I expected. I will recommend the school to all people that ask me about opportunities to learn Spanish in South America.”

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Spanish classes right across Ecuador

We offer our pupils 7 Spanish course locations, including fixed schools in Otavalo and Quito, plus our Travelling Classroom program in the Amazon jungle, the Galapagos Islands and on a traditional Ecuadorian hacienda. The best thing about it: You can mix and match locations!

Over 25 years of experience teaching Spanish

We have been teaching Spanish for a very long time – 25 years in fact! We were the first Spanish school in Ecuador to offer volunteering opportunities with Spanish courses. We also created the unique travelling classroom model and trips to the Amazon Jungle.

Central and safe location in colonial center of Quito

You’ll find our Spanish school in a safe and central location surrounded by the old churches and plazas of Quito’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed historic center, food and craft markets and only a 2-minutes' walk from the "Plaza de Theatro" trolley bus stop.

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