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In 1987, while studying at the university to be a teacher of Spanish Language and Latin-American Literature, our Academic Director researched Spanish Linguistics, and specifically the grammatical differences among different regions and countries of Latin America, as well as regional dialects. He found that in Quito people speak clearly, and that ultimately, Ecuador was an excellent place to teach Spanish to foreigners. Moreover, Ecuador was an excellent place for professionals to learn Spanish specifically in areas of medicine, law, business, etc. Similarly, other foreigners who wanted to learn conversational Spanish to travel, or open a business in Spanish speaking countries, or to work in Latin America, would also be satisfied with the Spanish spoken in Ecuador.

ISE opened its first Spanish school in Quito, Ecuador in 1988 and 6 years later inaugurated its second school in Otavalo, Ecuador.

Instituto Superior de Español are the pioneers of various types of Spanish learning programs and classes. In 1998 ISE introduced Spanish classes in the Amazon Jungle as well as the Travelling Classroom in which students travel throughout the country with experienced and qualified teachers who also act as guides on the daily excursions. The best Spanish programs in Ecuador according to former students.

1999 saw the successful opening of ISE’s Ecuador Islas Galapagos Spanish School in the town of Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island.

Since 1992, ISE has been helping Ecuadorian foundations by offering to their students the opportunity to volunteer and assist in a choice of social and environmental causes that are working to improve the future the country

We look forward to a productive future and offering you the best Spanish classes in Ecuador wherever you may be!

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  • The atmosphere in the school is really nice, while the break you can sit next to all the other students and eat, drink tea or coffe and talk. Through the breaks, cooking classes and Salsa lessons it´s really easy to make new friends and get in contact with the others, even if you´re travelling alone. The spanish classes are little (2-4 students), so it´s easier for the teacher to focus individually on the students. I always felt free to ask the teacher and became the right answers in a competent way, we also made jokes throuhout the lessons so it never got boring. I also could ask the employers/teachers how to get somewhere or how to get there with which bus, they always helped. The school is in the centre of Quito, so you can easily do sightseeing or going to a cafe or restaurant alone or with the other students after the spanish lessons if you want. Compliments: Nice atmosphere, patient and competent teachers. Nice tips and trips offered. Your spanish teacher/group is exactly adopted to your level of spanish-knowledge you already have
    Isabell Geidel
    Feb. 2017
  • Amazing experience: very professional and dedicated trachers, friendly and helpful staff :)
    Ruta M.
  • I'm very satisfied with the Instituto Superior de Espanol Spanish School. Great teachers, great accomodation in host family :)

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