Learn Spanish with us in a Shuar Community

Learn Spanish in a Shuar Community
Amazon Jungle, Ecuador

Enlarge your stay with a unique experience
The Shuar are an indigenous tribe of Ecuador. They live in Amazonian tribes at the headwaters of the Napo River.
Shuar means “people”. The people who speak the Shuar language live in tropical rainforests between the upper mountains of the Andes, and the tropical rainforests and savannas of the Amazonian lowlands in Ecuador extending to Peru.
You will visit surrounding communities, learn about shamanism and survival techniques including fishing and how to trap wild animals and how to make Shuar artesania. And of course you will extend your Spanish language skills with Spanish courses while you stay at the community.

Facts about the Shuar

indigenous people of Ecuador

About 110 000 Shuar are living in Ecuador in about 668 villages in the headwaters of the Marañón River.

shrunk heads

Did you know, that the Shuar shrunk the heads of their enemies as trophies? So don’t be evil!


Experience a different form to heal ilnesses and get to know a Shaman.

more facts about the Amazon Jungle

Temperature: hot & humid throughout the year, average annual temperature of 27°C (80.7°F)
Languages: Spanish and Kichwa
Size: With 2,5 million square miles, it represents 54% of the total rainforests left of the planet.


Learn Spanish and meet the Shuar
Spanish lessons in a Shuar Community in Ecuador

Spanish courses in Shuar Community

Do you want to learn Spanish in a unique environment? The chance to learn Spanish in a Shuar community, is a chance you will only get once in your lifetime. It won’t be like a 5-star resort, but it will teach you a lot about the tradition and culture of the indigenous people of Ecuador. We guarantee you an authentic and warm stay including all you need to survive in the jungle.
Take Spanish classes, go on exciting excursions, and experience the culture of this biologically diverse area.

Our teachers

All of our teachers are native speakers and own a university degree in linguistics or literature. Your teacher will travel with you from Quito to our school locations in the Amazon. Many of our teachers are working with us since the day we founded the school back in 1988. They know the jungle very well and are aware of possible risks.
learn more about our teachers

Spanish courses in the Amazon Jungle

beginner, intermediate, advanced & superior level
Group & Shuar Community Group Course
You want to learn Spanish in Ecuador, without doing a classical language course? Doing just a roundtrip is boring? You are looking for an adventure? Then this program is right for you! You will learn Spanish in the wilderness, discover the culture, and put your courage to the test in outdoor activities.
Your Spanish classes take place in the morning or in the afternoon for a minimum of four hours a day. Teachers will usually set a short exercise for homework each day. We offer classes for the following levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced and superior.

from 599$
Amazon Shuar Community
This is the best way to learn Spanish and to get to know the Amazon Jungle.
Our group classes consist of 2 to 6 students and are held four hours a day, from Monday to Friday in the Shuar Community.
Your time schedule: e.g. Monday – Friday, 08:30 – 12:30
Lessons: 20 x 55 Min.
Participants: Min. 2 Max. 6
Duration: Min. 1 week
Airport pickup included: upon arrival in Quito and transfer to Shuar Community
Round-trip included: Quito – Shuar Community- Quito (6-7 hours by bus)
Accommodation: in a family of the Shuar Community, 7 days/6 nights per week
Meals: Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner; traditional food; no problem for vegetarians)
Activities: Shuar guided afternoon excursions Mo to Fr and 1 night excursion.
Certificate: You will get a Diploma or certificate of studies.


Accomodation in Shuar Community

Wood house

huts of Shuar Community, Ecuador
Meals in Shuar Community, Ecuador


You will experience daily life in an Indigenous community. They have great knowledge of the plants and animal life in the jungle. But be aware they aren’t official guides. You will learn a lot about their vision on life too!
You will be accommodated in a wood house within the Shuar community, which consists of 7 families.
Three meals per day prepared in the typical Indigenous way of the region. Well that’s different, a lot of roots are used, but it’s absolutely tasty.
 Shared Bath: you will have to share your bathroom
 Meals: local, traditional, simple but delicious meals
 Electricity: only several hours a day
 Wifi & mobile phones: phone signal available – no wifi
Not included: personal expenses, food during transit
NOTE: an unavoidable element of any visit to the rainforest is contact with bugs and creepy crawlies and may involve insects inside your room. If this does not sound like something you would like to sign up for then a trip to the rainforest is probably not for you.

Are you seraching for
adventure and nature? Check out our activities:

Activities while you stay at the Shuar Community

The Shuars are very proud of their culture and they are passionate in showing you the traditional survival und lifestyle they are living. These include:


Jungle Journeys
Together with a local guide you will submerge deep into the Amazon jungle. You will learn a lot about the Shuar history and their survival secrets. This includes picking fruit and spotting animals.
A breathtaking waterfall in the middle of the jungle is waiting for you. As the Shuars take great pride in their cleanness, there are special rituals held up which you can follow. Also the Shuars believe in the strength of Mother Nature and at this water place their come to draw energy.
Party with the Shuar
When there is a party, and the Indigenous people do party a lot, you will join too, of course. For example on your last night the locals will set up a bonfire and show you traditional dances and their music custums.
Optional volunteering experiences
Please feel free to combine our different programs.
Just within the Shuar Community there are loads of possibilities to combine your language course with a volunteering experience. We offer projects in various fields like teaching, gardening or social work.

Arrival to Shuar Community

Before you can start your Spanish classes with us you need to get here. But no worries: There are many ways to get to the Ecuadorian capital, Quito.


Students attending Spanish courses in the Shuar Community must first fly to Quito. The Aeropuerto Internacional Mariscal Sucre (UIO) can be reached from many international departure cities.


We recommend our students to take the bus from Quito to the Shuar Community. Several companies offer buses. This trip takes about six to eight hours.
Included: transfer from Quito to Shuar Community by bus

Teacher with you

The transport from Quito to the Shuar and back is accompanied by your teacher. No worries!

One week $599
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