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Apply here for this once-in-a-lifetime volunteering opportunity in Ecuador! You don’t need special qualifications, just the motivation to make a difference. Join our volunteering programs with several Ecuadorian organizations to help children, elderly people, animals and more. Volunteering in Ecuador enables you to get to know this great country and to help others while learning Spanish.


1. Send application
Curriculum Vitae (CV) in English or Spanish
Motivation letter with preferred areas, interests and objectives
Copy of passport


2. Interview
Online Interview via Skype
Online Language level test


3. Choose program & Payment
Normally all volunteer programs ask for a contributory payment. This payment in the case of children’s organizations will help them to buy teaching or didactical material and in the case of environmental organizations it will help them to cover the costs of their programs, from volunteer food and accommodation to resources for development projects.
Volunteer payments run from US$50 to US$750 per month. Some organizations ask for an application payment of around US$35.



The minimum period for volunteering is 1 week with no upper limit for participation. In the case that applicants wish to volunteer with one of these projects for more than 3 months, our school will help students organize their volunteer visa before they come to Ecuador; we can provide all the necessary documents.

In order to participate in a project, it is important to be able to communicate in the native language. If your Spanish skills do not reach a B1 level, you have to start with a language course. The course consists of 20 hours per week, it is taught in small groups or individual. Then you start well prepared with your project work.

Furthermore a Travel insurance is required.
Moreover, please inform yourself about the mandatory vaccinations like Hepatitis A & B, tetanus, typhoid, diphtheria, Yellow Fever, rabies (optional), and malaria pills.
Volunteers should be at least 18 years of age, though exceptions can be made for families or high school groups. There is no maximum age limit.

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Preferred Locations:
 Quito Amazon Jungle Galapagos

Preferred Projects
 Ecological Projects Education Projects Rural Projects Social Projects Wildlife Projects

Choose Program
 Volunteering Program + Language Course (minimum 2 weeks) – Free placement! Volunteering-Only Program – One-time placement fee: $150



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Why Choose Us

Spanish classes right across Ecuador

We offer our pupils 7 Spanish course locations, including fixed schools in Otavalo and Quito, plus our Travelling Classroom program in the Amazon jungle, the Galapagos Islands and on a traditional Ecuadorian hacienda. The best thing about it: You can mix and match locations!

Over 25 years of experience teaching Spanish

We have been teaching Spanish for a very long time – 25 years in fact! We were the first Spanish school in Ecuador to offer volunteering opportunities with Spanish courses. We also created the unique travelling classroom model and trips to the Amazon Jungle.

Central and safe location in colonial center of Quito

You’ll find our Spanish school in a safe and central location surrounded by the old churches and plazas of Quito’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed historic center, food and craft markets and only a 2-minutes' walk from the "Plaza de Theatro" trolley bus stop.